It is with great pride and pleasure that J. Mark Press presents
our most-voted-for "Poet of the Year," Sean H. Young.  

                                DEEP WITHIN
Allow me to introduce my self, my name is schizophrenia. 
Only for a fleeting moment do I smile, and remember 
who I once was. 
I am entranced by a flurry of my mind's spinning wheels. 
My pain runs deep through the rivers of my heart.
My thoughts are turning like the pages of a book in a windstorm. 
I remember as a child my dog dying, while I light my crack-pipe 
and guzzle my vodka to stop the voices from getting in. 
Tears run down my face in a thunderstorm of hell. 

Strange as the delusions are themselves, are the people around me. 
You can't find me because I live behind the mind's eye, like a
chameleon in the jungle. I hunt through my visions, like a lion in the bush. I
seek salvation, but don't know where to hide. 
My incubation period and origin are unknown, and remain an enigma. 
Inside my soul I bleed horrific terror trying to get outside of my self, 
and escape the hallucinations. 
I yearn to see freedom's face smile down upon me, like warm sunshine 
that heals the spirit within. 

I remember playing stickball in my neighborhood with my childhood
friends, and I want to go home!
      by SEAN H. YOUNG

Sean recently received his masters in Social Work.
We are honored to have had the privilege of publishing Sean's book, 
"Soul Solutions." Sean is an artist with words. In this 55 pg. book, 
he painstakingly selected rare thought-provoking art for you on every 
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Absence makes the heart grow harder
without me there to remind you
that you want me

I can feel a change in the wind
that whispers your song of apology
(for not loving me)

You broke the promise
I neglected to tell you
you made to me before you left

That you sealed with a kiss
That you wrote with your lips
On my skin - they told me

You were mine

page 70

Sitting in the shadows of my 
most Wicked Dreams
Thinking. Wondering,
Trying to make
Some sense of it all,
What did it mean
Where I saw you... In danger?
What did it mean
What I saw you
Standing in the shadows
Of my most Wicked Dreams:
H. M.

It wasn't there just yesterday among the gold and red.
It wasn't there amidst the pines when I went to my bed.
It came in silence through the night without a word or
It came 'midst mornings graying clouds it came, but
won't last long.
A whispering-- the year's first snow was left upon the
Was left upon majestic hills, a dusting all around.
Hoarfrost left upon the trees, a stillness fresh and new
Shimmering crystals coat each leaf, earth's pureness
to renew.
Like a moment frozen in time a winter's scene
Whispers joy, despite the cold brings rest to
life's expanses.
But wait, the morning sun breaks forth and shouts,
"Tis still my day!"
And with her warming golden rays melts whisperings

One hit wonder;
A great short story,
Brilliant poem,
"Best sellers list" novel.
Moments cherished,
Time passing too soon,
A hit song on the radio.
All artists,
Respect freedom of thought,
'Cause' in life,
One hit wonders,
Will always come and go,
The beauty of feeling free,
Might be the best one hit wonder of all!

When passion rages in me
I come alive in full tapestry.
Senses awaken to a new energy,
Intoxicating me intercellularly.
Whatever the magnificence,
Whatever the passion - it makes no difference.
Body and mind are transformed by resplendence
Of desire in burgeoning reverence.
Joy blossoms with swelling intensity,
When heart and soul reach full capacity.
Clarity of mind reveals endless possibility,
Unleashed through creative imagination
and spontaneity.
It's through love that I make connections,
Unify, enlighten and expand my human dimensions.
But passion is the connecting link of redemption.
To behold life's splendor is merely a matter of
my own reflection.

page 68

As the day comes to an end and my
thoughts layer the sky in shades
of color that blend the moment
of your good-bye
Waves of blue with hints of red share
the emotional tears in my eyes and
heavy heart bled to the sky
and on for years.
And as time swallows the light and
distant stars shine for few,
emptiness fills one more night
as I fill with midnight blue.

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