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Hard Cover Poetry Anthologies
All exquisitely illustrated with rare antique art

Hard cover  Book Printing  for self-publishing poets and writers or hard cover book binding for your own printed pages

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Great Poets Of Our Time Awards

Illustrated Great Poets Continued

Poetry Contest - winners' poems from Notable American Poets Anthology

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Exquisitely illustrated with famous antique art


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Poetry Contests - List of All Winners' Names from all J. Mark Press anthologies.

Poetry Contest
Winning Poems of
these books:
Helping Hand, Bright Horizon, Sunlit Path.

J. Mark Press Prize-winning
published poets
of 2000.

 How To sound like a seasoned pro.
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J. Mark Press
"Poet of The Year"
Sean Young
we'd like you to read this page to understand fresh imagery and poetic language.

How to become a Famous Poet... Article
"Promoting Yourself"
See some examples of excellent poetry samples from our editor:
"A Backpack of Milestones" by Barbara Morris Fischer Binstock


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These past hard cover
poetry anthologies by J. Mark Press are now on sale
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Welcome to a reading Feast
Poetry is not categorized as "fiction." Poetry is the written record of the people of its era. The purpose of compiling and
publishing wondrous collections of poetry in a hard cover anthology is to save and share those sentiments to time indefinite.

Somehow, no one has the courage to discard such books. They will always be found and rescued by those who care.

Many J. Mark poets evidence seasoned skill in their writing. Their poignancy will astound you and touch your heart and memory.  You'll laugh, sigh, sing, dance, cry, and reminisce with over 100 word weavers in every edition.

Every 2nd page in our last 5 anthologies is a full-page of rare archival art illustrating one special poem. Artists illustrating poetry is a handed down technique centuries old.

J. Mark Press Anthologies are sensibly sized and affordably priced.

Reflections of Love

Great Poets of Our Time


The Best In Poetry


Bouquet of Love



Poets of the Millennium


The Helping Hand
Poetry Contests - winners' poems
from The Helping Hand Anthology

Best Short Poems 2000


The Bright Horizon

Poems by winning poets
Notable American Poets
Poetry Anthology

 poems from Notable American Poets

The Sunlit Path Poetry Anthology

Poems by Winning poets


Award-winning Poets

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J.Mark Book Authors

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  • J. Mark Press Anthologies are copyrighted. You own all rights to your published poem. We publish only messages you're going to be glad you had the opportunity to read, and be proud to share.

  • Poets selected by J. Mark Press Poetry Publishers are published in our gorgeous
    hard cover books, (lavished  with full page "museum" art), followed by many cash or other prizes
    voted for by the included poets.

  • We don't bury your creation in 1,000 poems
    just to sell worthless books to 1,000's of novices who
    want to see their
    poem printed.

    Since 1963 J. Mark Press is respected
    for high literary standards.

  • We have an 1-poem acceptance limit to publish many deserving poets
    without burying their message in "too many to read."

    We enable "accepted" poets to pay a small fee to add any of their particularly
    significant poems to the book on an illustrated full page prior to publishing.

    Accepted poets are offered the opportunity to
    Put your accepted poem on its own
    Illustrated Page 

    Add Extra Poem(s) of your choice



We publish only stirring, memorable poetry that calls you back again.
If you aren't familiar with a broad range of enchanting classic poetry,
read it!  Read our winners. Evaluate how yours compares before you send it here.

Don't send to us because you think you might have written a poem, or someone said  "you ought to try to get published."
Send because you know it should be in our books.

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